YDT’s objective is to be the market-leading provider of solutions and services within the field of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), asset security and surveillance. Our vision is clear: to offer businesses and individuals a “smarter” and better way to live and work.

Founded in 1989 as an affiliate of Far Eastern Group (Taipei, Taiwan),

YDT established an early position as an innovator in products design and system engineering in the security and surveillance market segments. Business growth, driven by increasingly complex client demands, helped to transform YDT into an end-to-end provider of intelligent solutions for access control and for the management of vehicles, pedestrian and buildings. Our deep understanding of enabling technologies such as wireless communications, RFID and distributed computing feature in many of our project deployments. Armed with a technology and systems portfolio that can transform the management of road traffic and customers’ assets, YDT has grown into Taiwan’s leading systems integrator serving clients worldwide. Our international presence includes 100% owned Speedy (Shanghai) Digital Tech. Co., Ltd. that acts a mainland China business platform for YDT’s services.

YDT is passionate about innovation and, as a system integrator and service provider; we leverage best-in-class technologies to deliver the most powerful solutions to our clients. Our proven capability for local and international partnering, coupled with strong R&D and software development for the integration of 3rd party components and systems, provides us with the essential foundations for project consultancy, project management, systems design and value engineering. YDT’s contribution extends to the complete lifecycle to ensure that initial designs also align with your long-term business needs.

Our extensive reference list speaks for itself and our clients include road network operators plus a wide variety of companies that own or operate offices, industrial parks, hospitals, banks, shopping malls, off-street parking garages and residential complexes. Our long-term focus is to ensure that our solutions offer low lifetime costs, effective business processes, are efficient to operate and convenient to users. Overall YDT, as a chosen partner for ITS, security and surveillance enables our clients to offer “smarter” value added solutions and services – wherever our clients are .



YDT provides solutions for all parts of the journey: from the roads on which we all travel to the places where we work, live and spend our leisure time. Founded on strong experience and know-how YDT’s objective is to be the market leading solution provider within the business areas for Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), security and surveillance.

Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)
YDT offers unrivalled expertise in traffic-related systems and services; from planning, through to system design, integration and lifetime support for government and private clients alike, requiring solutions in ITS, including e-Tolling, smart parking & access control and cloud-based vehicle detection data collection.
YDT expands its business into ITS in 2007 first with 925MHz DSRC then RFID-based Single-Lane Free Flow (SLFF) and Multi-Lane Free Flow (MLFF) solutions for Taiwan’s first highway ETC project. Focusing on system development and integration as well as consultancy work of E-Tolling Total Solution, including Lane System Integration Platform, Mediation Platform and Service Delivery Platform as well as Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) related products, including RFID UHF Inlays/Tags. With these competences, YDT does not only achieve clients’ high level requirements but also be able to expand and exceed their expectation in terms of E-Tolling. Currently YDT works with local partners in different regions and hopes to provide the potential clients faster and better quality of service.

Smart Parking & Access Control
YDT’s proven smart parking (‘eParking’) and access control solutions employ the latest UHF RFID technologies, rapid action barriers, electronic signs and IT infrastructure for any strategic assets and provide customers a better option to management both public and private parking spaces. Naturally, YDTs solutions include Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) that enables RFID tags to be checked against authorised vehicles, compact electronic signs to deliver personalised greetings to VIPs and mobile phone applications that provide users with parking information services and messages.
Cloud-based Vehicle Detection Data Collection & Analysis
YDT provides innovative data collection services to improve traffic management and road network performance monitoring for government clients. In one project for example, by using YDT’s UHF RFID-based roadside system solutions as vehicle detection data collection tool, YDT’s client is able to efficiently collect traffic data and use these data to manage and inform road users on the latest traffic information to improve mobility.
Security & Surveillance
The management and protection of any road, area or building asset depends on the ability of the facility manger to have full visibility of the status and integrity of the asset at all times. YDT’s electronic surveillance solutions are not limited to the installation of CCTV cameras at strategic locations but also include all of the complementary technologies that perform simple tasks such as counting vehicles and detecting persons to more challenging tasks such as incident detection that may depend on the analysis of several trigger conditions simultaneously. You may wish to manage several secure sites remotely and for this we would employ RFID for vehicle identification and CCTV for monitoring. Also, in city car parks, the combination of movement detection and remote monitoring of access routes, allows CCTV operators to be alerted to any potential threats and thereby reducing the response time to such situations, significantly.


YDT believes in strategic alliances and partnering to access proven technologies and competencies, to deliver and support its solutions provided to clients globally. Typically, partnering focuses on technology, operations and maintenance.

Our Technology Partners

Our Operations Partner

For operational services, YDT together with Far East Tone Electronic Toll Collection Co. (FETC) delivers a comprehensive electronic toll collection scheme to Taiwan Area National Freeway Bureau (TANFB). This relationship with FETC which specialises in operations competence provides YDT with a unique advantage. Being able to access operations competence and having being able to prove our systems services proposition in a demanding operating environment is YTD’s key differentiator as a systems integrator at all stages in a systems lifecycle: from planning, design and delivery of optimal end-to-end solutions for our clients.

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